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Throw out the life line, throw the life line someone is drifting a way, throw out the life line, throw out the life line someone is sinking today.

Do we remember this song? Dear hearts, this is a truth that is not paid enough attention to. I was that drifter, that one sinking but I didn't know it.

Remember 1 Kings 19- when Jezebel was out to kill Elijah and he went up into the hills and sat down under a juniper tree, consumed with fear he complained to God about being the only person who served God and ask God to take away his life, he fell asleep after having a real good pity party, although I know it was a very real fear to Elijah. As he lay and slept under the juniper tree, behold an angel touched him and told him to arise and eat. He looked up and there was a cake baked on the coals and water at his head. He ate and drank and lay down to sleep again. The second time the angel woke him, he had strength forty days and nights to go to Mt. Horeb, the mount of God. There he learned to listen to God and learned that he wasn't the only prophet who served the living God and had not bowed their knee to Baal. It took a strong wind, and an earthquake, to finally hear the wee small voice of God. We must learn to listen for the wee small voice for our life line is not anchored in man, but in God with Christ, for" by Grace," "through faith," "unto good works are we saved." It is a gift of God. Eph. 2:8.

My life line was a sister who would write letters to me and tell me about all that were at home in the place where I was born. My life line was my Mother who flew across these United States in a plane for the first time when I had a nervous break down and it served as a pill to heal me. In prayer many life lines were sent forth, some by choice of a heart that at one time needed a life line themselves and some because they simply loved me because I am their sister, daughter. 

Did I not make my own bed and was I not expected to sleep in it? I did and I was! But, that is not what God had for His children and because I wasn't able
to, "in my own strength" resolve my problems, God made a way", which is a
song also. In my drifting away at the end of my life line in the middle of my sinking, God made a way. God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

We are somebody's life line! When I was alone and very lonely, I was invited to a long time friend's house for coffee. A woman from my church complained about how our pastor only came to see her once in the hospital and only once at home. I thought about that for a while, then I leaned forward and said to her "you know who the church is don't you?" She said, "Who?" I said you and I, so, let's make a difference. She asked, "How?" I said, "I don't know, but the Lord will tell us and when He does you call me, or if I hear first I will call you." That is simply all God needs is a willing heart.

That very week on Sunday morning our Pastor said, "We have a sister in the hospital would some women of the church call on her?" I went home and called my friend and said, "It is time", she said, "how do you know?" I said, "Sunday morning our Pastor said, ladies of the Church we have a sister in the hospital with cancer and the women of the church needs to visit her.

The next day, was Monday and armed with a special friendship cup filled with flowers we went to the hospital. Our sister didn't know me but she knew my friend. The nurse told our sister she couldn't go home until someone was there to stay with her. She said, "My niece is coming on Friday" but the nurse said no, she needed to have someone there now.

I leaned over and said I will go home with you, she said, "Honey what is your name?" and I told her, she said "see there, I can go home." I had 2 days with my sister and she had to go back into the hospital and died within 24 hours. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Have you thought of someone and wondered why they come into your mind? Send them a card or call them on the phone and chat for a while, they may need a life line. Have you woke up at night and thought about someone, say a prayer for them, that prayer may be their life line. Ye have not because you ask not! How many testimonies have you heard about someone getting out of a tough spot and found out God spoke to someone at night to pray?

Thank you Father God for your love for your children, saved or unsaved we belong to you, as long as we have breath we belong to you. Help us minister one to another, to be a life line in salvation or a listener in the midst of a trial in their journey through this earthy road of life. Thank You, Father God, for all of my life lines that helped me walk out of the miry clay of sin and plant my feet on the rock Christ Jesus.

Forever in Love with My Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
Abbie Eliza-Beth Shaw