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The Passion of the Christ  - Rated R                                                               

"R" of course is because of the violence, the gore.  In movie terms "R" stands for RESTRICTED,


but in this movie"R" stands for RELEVANT, for REALISTIC, for it REALLY happened for a REASON


because we were REBELLIOUS we needed a REDEEMER, we needed to be RECONCILED, we


needed to be RECOVERED, we needed to be REGENERATED.  Jesus needed to be REJECTED


so that we could have a RELATIONSHIP not just a RELIGION.  The "R" is to REMIND us to


REMEMBER what Jesus did to REMOVE our sin to RENDER Satan powerless, to RESCUE us from


eternity in hell.  The "R" rating is to show that Jesus was RESPONSIBLE for giving you REST.  As a


RESULT of his death Jesus RETIRED your debt.  The "R" rating means that some will be


REPULSED, some will REFUSE to believe, some will be RELUCTANT, some will think you are


RIDICULOUS in believing that a death was REQUIRED.  The "R" rating means that the RESULT of sin


 has been REVERSED and now through faith in Christ your REWARD is eternity and you are


now RIGHTEOUS before God because you have RECEIVED Him as the RULER of your soul.  What a


REVOLUTIONARY and RADICAL solution to REDEEM mankind!