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The Barracuda

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute did the following study: It's a widely known fact that Barracuda love to eat mullet. Scientists put a barracuda into an aquarium, added a glass partition in the middle and then put a mullet in the other side.

Not believing his good luck the barracuda circled a few times, gathered up speed and launched directly at his lunch - the poor unsuspecting mullet. Wham!  Bam!  Full throttle into the glass partition. Unfazed at this, the barracuda did his preliminary circles and sped off again toward the mullet.  Again, Wham! Bang! into the glass partition. Again and again and again he tried.  Some weeks later, the scientists noticed the barracuda quit trying to eat the mullet, so they removed the glass partition.

Amazingly, the barracuda remained in his side of the aquarium, silently swimming in circles. In fact, the hapless barracuda slowly died of starvation while the lucky mullet swam about in safety just a few inches away!


Many of us are like that barracuda - hurt, bruised and wounded from many previous collisions with life. We've given up, our lives have become unproductive, lifeless, hopeless, without goal, purpose or meaning. Around and around we go, going nowhere silently, starving to death ... while just a few millimeters away there is a prize to be collected, a blessing to be claimed, a job to be had, a relationship to begin, an education to be gained, earnings to be earned.

I took this advice seriously and let me tell you, the mullet is delicious!!!

~Original storyline from the book, "Follow Your Heart," by Andrew Matthews, adapted by MountainWings subscriber Annette Paki, Australia~