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Price Tags
Kathy Stahlman Hildebrand

Admit it…  You have your own secret Christmas Wish List too!
Some stuff you’ll get, and some you won’t… and that’s okay with you.
An SUV, flat-screen TV, a weekend at the beach…
A little realistic… but a little out of reach.

Some gifts may be downsized a bit and slightly readjusted;
Kill the helicopter, and the “trip for two” is busted.
Still… each one dreams in wonder, his wishes to fulfill,
Leaving Dad to wonder just who will foot the bill.

We’re all just little kids inside, with “visions” of our own…
Though the “sugarplums” have changed a bit, as each of us has grown.
But as they dance about within our minds, we slowly see
How all mixed up the price tags on the gifts of life can be!

We grow just a little bit; the price tags grow as well.
The “toys” get more expensive, and our bills begin to swell.
But amazingly, we undergo, on further maturation,
A slowly dawning fiscal truth… a re-evaluation.

We see the devil’s counterfeits, his cheap and phony fakes.
He forges imitations of most everything God makes.
And then he tries to pass it off as genuine and true,
By swapping all the price tags, and fooling me and you.

“Buy this!  It’s great!  A real deal!  Worth your money and your time!”
The Lord just shakes his head, “No, son… it isn’t worth a dime.”
The world says, “Why would you want that?!  It isn’t cool or fast!”
“That’s true… but when the rest is gone, this is what will last.”

So like the Christmas toys our kids will open with such glee,
Some will last a day or two, and some… eternity.
With batteries included, and divinely energized,
A warranty that doesn’t quit, and all accessorized.

Yes, the gifts that mean the most, by far, come at so great a price,
They can’t be bought or earned, and no price tag will quite suffice.
Indeed, that’s why they’re gifts, and purchased only by the Lord
At such a staggering cost that you and I could not afford.

Please understand, the toys and trips and stuff, I’m not discounting…
But just One Gift can measure up to the expectations mounting!
“No greater Gift…” Unspeakable!  Majestic and Divine!
So yes, I HAVE IT ALL… because that Gift, you see, is mine!