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As I got up this morning, the Lord spoke these words to me, "IT'S TIME!" What I felt He showed me was that, while it was a corporate message, it would hold specific meaning from Him to each one who received it. I saw (in the spirit) people opening it and saw many breakthroughs come forth in many places.

Additionally, when I heard "IT'S TIME!" - I sensed in my spirit that it meant...

"IT'S TIME!" - for the prodigals to return to the Lord and their families!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the financial breakthroughs & blessings!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the promises to come forth!

"IT'S TIME!" - for healings to be made manifest!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the visions you've tarried for to spring forth!

"IT'S TIME!" - for resurrection power!

"IT'S TIME!" - for creative miracles!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the "impossible" to become reality!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the years the "bugs" ate to be restored!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the sevenfold return of what the enemy stole from you!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the glory of the Lord to be revealed!

"IT'S TIME!" - for the sons of God to be manifest throughout the earth!

Mature Christians know that when a word like this comes forth, there is usually also warfare - because the enemy is... well, the enemy! - So, let the reader understand! - This isn't a "sweetsie, cutesie" little note. But it is sent to you as encouragement to let you know that, having done all and stood ... the blessings and glory of the Lord will soon spring forth!