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Equiiping The Saints Ministries - ETS Ministries
Equipping Equippers to Equip Saints to Minister      Equipping Equippers to Equip Saints to Minister        Equipping Equippers to Equip Saints to Minister         Equipping Equippers to Equip Saints to Minister       Equipping Equippers to Equip Saints to Minister 


This 'teachings' page is at the heart of ETS Ministries. This section consists of teachings that I have given, whether in churches, Sunday Schools or on the mission field.



An Invitation For You - a .pdf file to be copied (print page 2 1800 from page 1) and folded in quarters for an excellent track!

A Funk

Adversity, Stress & Grief

Altar Calls

Authority of the Believer

Awake, Arise and Stand

Be A Blesser

Being Single

Beseech & Exhort

Body Ministry

Broken In The Right Way

Building God's Church

Despise Not Prophecy

Don't Be Ashamed, Fear of Man, & Audience...

Don’t Just Survive -- THRIVE!

Faith - What it is…

Father's Day

Godly Character

God's Love For Us & Our Relationship Together

Greedy With Bad Eyes

Heart and Soul of a Warrior

How to Heal the Sick

Humanity of Jesus

I Love Your Presence

I Will -- Day by Day


Importance of a Softened Heart

Judging - to Judge or Not to Judge?

Justification, Sanctification & Perfection in the Spirit

Life, Flow & Ministry in Holy Spirit

Lord of the Breakthrough -- A Teaching on...

Missions -- God's Mission Statement & Vision

Natural Vs. Supernatural

New Believers Combo - a combination of 5 teachings, in .pdf format, that I believe will greatly assist the new believer and those that minister to  them.

New vs. Old Covenant & The Scarlet Thread

New Year's Resolutions or Revolutions?

Our Conscience

Potential & Destiny

Pre-eminence of Jesus - not totally finished, but thought it worth while to put it out for previewing!

Promises From the Word

Push In

Red Letter Edition

Thanks, Praise & Worship

The Bible

The Character and Ministry of Paul the Apostle

The Grand Gift of Salvation

True Humility


Using Tne Law Lawfully

Vessels & The Anointing

Victor or Victim?

Waiting on and Seeking God…

Walking With The Lord

What do you want?

What Should We Do In These End Times?

What's In A Name?


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Equiiping The Saints Ministries - ETS Ministries